Once the product is launched and live, we will help you strategize your Digital Marketing plan. Our marketing and promotion team will engage with you to understand your goals, budget and recommend a sound promotion plan. Our goal is to create a plan, execute it, and simultaneously train and enable your team to take over from us if you need that.


Goal Planning

Every good marketing plan starts with a goal. We’ll help you articulate your goals for digital marketing. What follows is an in-depth strategy document spanning various digital channels and media that is likely to propel your product to success.

Budget Allocation

Budget goes hand in hand with any digital marketing plan. With the plethora of digital channels available to you, we help you figure out which ones are worth investing in and what sort of ROI to expect from each channel.

Execution & Analysis

We bring your vision to life by leveraging various digital channels to drive users to your web/mobile product and improve conversions in order to push the ROI higher. With a carefully thought through experimentation approach, we ensure you get the most bang for your buck.