Product strategy

Our product strategy workshops are driven through a well defined framework that helps understand an idea & envision its potential to be a successful business reality. Most projects start with a strategy workshop where we define the idea, problem statement, user personas, pre-mortem analysis, and metrics for success.


The Idea

Often ideas remain as they are – just a thought & the biggest hurdle remains in converting them into an actual business opportunity. We help refine ideas by helping you ask critical questions & identify opportunities around the idea – giving it a definition.

Problem Definition

Major problems have always been solved by identifying the underlying key factors that explain the problem. We like to define every problem into a succinct problem statement that captures the problem, solution & user. This becomes the guiding light when stuck with critical questions during your execution journey.

User Personas

Product-Market fit is the biggest reason for failure of products. We help to identify & understand your potential customers, to ensure your product is relevant to their actual needs.

Pre-mortem Analysis

This is a unique exercise that we conduct to help identify potential reasons for failure & evaluate various intelligent solutions to mitigate a problem.

Product Roadmap

Once the idea has been vetted & there is clarity on the way forward, we help define the potential direction for taking the idea ahead. A well defined roadmap helps plan the future direction of the product better.

The strategy workshop is the first step of the entire product development process. Once the problem has been well defined, it is the right time to start prototyping ideas & coming up with designs.