Once the product is ready to go live, we will work with you to ensure the initial launch goes through without any hitches. Post that, we are happy to continue supporting you as needed to see you achieve greater success over time. If it is time for us to hand off the product to your team, we schedule the required training sessions & give the necessary documentation to ensure a seamless transfer.


Beta Launch

We like to have your product tested with a small set of real users & identify any glitches before making it publicly available.

Scalability Tests

We specialize in cloud based products & it is imperative to identify potential bottlenecks in the product that could affect scalability. We run tests on these bottlenecks to ensure your product is ready to handle traffic as soon as it goes live.

Initial Launch

Leading up to the launch, we generally dedicate a week of time to package everything up – code cleanup, document all work, setup user accounts & prepare for launch.


Once the launch goes through & it’s time for your team to take over the product, we conduct well defined training sessions to cover the different aspects of the product in detail, so your team is well equipped to keep the product running & move forward. We offer distinct programs that can be tailored to fit your project & team requirements.