Top 3% talent

We hire for passion, talent and proven ability to deliver.

We are extremely selective and our team is extremely sharp. Our teams comprise of absolute rockstars and have people from best global and regional engineering schools. Our engineering team has strong academic experience and even better industry experience (Alumni from Carnegie Mellon, Georgia tech, IIT Mumbai, VJTI and worked at Google, Cisco and other startups.)

We are Different! We DO NOT emphasize only on Academic Qualifications.

While academic institutions set up individuals for strong logical and analytical skills, they do not necessarily set the individuals up to be industry-ready.

Why and How we hire only the TOP talent?

Our Process, step by step:

1- We receive & speak to thousands of job applicants every year

2- Phone Interview to understand the passion and past experience in dealing with large scale projects

3- A challenging and interesting technical assignment to check logical, analytical and coding skills

4- Multiple reviews of the submitted assignment from various angles (technology adoption, modular skills, creativity, programming elegance) allows us to qualitatively differentiate candidates

5- HR (In-Person) interview to understand the cultural fit of the candidate with the team and potential candidates. We test for humility, ambitiousness and a go-getter attitude.

6- Post this process, less than 1% of these applications make it to our team.

With our rigorous selection process and specialized training within the company, we ensure the team is always ready to take on the most challenging tasks and make an impact.