LocalOwls – Discovering Great Teachers & Activities near You

LocalOwls is a fantastic website to find experts & professional instructors for any activity near you. It is a mobile responsive marketplace website that allows experts & users find each other.

The Problem and an Idea:

The founders of LocalOwls met us while they were still in the idea stage of the website. They wanted to provide an easy way for a person to find an expert who provides qualified training in an area of a person’s interest. The founders ideated with the simple fact that there are several experts who can provide necessary training in your proximity, but you still find it difficult to get an expert in your area, who you could trust & contact easily.

Having crystallized on the idea, they were looking for a team that would help them with execution as well as one that would be a great sounding board for their strategy & roadmap.

The Solution and Implementation Challenges:

The LocalOwls team was razor focused on quality of the final output. They wanted to build out a world-class website that would be extremely easy for users to use & one that would allow them to connect users & experts across multiple cities over time without needing a fresh start.

After multiple discussions, workshops & brainstorming to iron out the product roadmap, we finalized on a phased manner of product development that would allow for a high quality, time-bound output.

As in every project, there were a bunch of interesting aspects that were handled in this project –

Elaborate Dashboard for Experts & LocalOwls team

To ensure users found LocalOwls reliable & trustworthy, it was imperative that the LocalOwls team did due diligence on the experts & only approved experts that met a certain minimum standard. To manage their experts, users, ratings, reviews & comments, they needed an elaborate dashboard on the backend that allowed them to manage this on the website. Along with this, a mobile responsive system was needed for experts to be able to manage their information on the website.

Spending sufficient time in getting the design right, we focused extensively on building this right.

Critical Search functionality

Often users are not absolutely sure what they are looking for & it was important that the search functionality enabled the user to be able to find experts with metrics that were most important. Age, Location, Price, Gender & several other factors became important in ensuring the users were able to filter down to the exact experts they were looking for.

We built out an elaborate data structure at the backend to handle these multiple factors & yet respond back with the best results.

Provision to expand to multiple cities

LocalOwls wanted to be able to expand to multiple cities as soon as they had covered enough number of experts in one location. We had to setup a bunch of necessary provisions to handle this easily from the backend where-in users of the LocalOwls team could be separated to manage experts & content information at a city level.

Mobile Responsiveness

Users & Experts increasingly started using their mobile phones. Lot of the discovery of classes & experts was happening on the road. It was imperative to provide expert information from a discovery standpoint as well as class notifications, alerts, in-app & email, SMS notifications to drive engagement.

A lot of custom UI development ensured users had a great experience across screen sizes.

The Results:

During the last year & a half, LocalOwls has expanded to multiple cities and connected thousands of experts & clients, thereby justifying their initial premise that this is a gap in the market that is worth plugging in. During this period, the LocalOwls founders have built a very trusted relationship with our team. Over multiple iterations over this period, there have been a bunch of feature improvements & changes to drive increased conversions on the website.

We continue to provide strong support for their technology needs & are excited to be closely associated with them as they work on their next wave of growth.

“Canvass have been partners in our journey to establish Localowls.com as the leading platform to find great teachers and trainers near you. Rahul and Ankur have provided us tech leadership by helping us compare & select technologies and helping us define and build a robust product, which is scalable, stable and open to feature enhancements at the same time. We were very clear from day one that we wanted to build our own world-class platform from scratch and Canvass have been part of our journey from day-one. They have always accepted every challenge we have thrown their way and never took the easy way out by telling it was not possible! They have an extremely responsive and solid development and project management team. We are extremely happy with our partnership.”

– Sucharita, LocalOwls