Anherb Natural – Herbal Beauty Products for Women

Anherb Natural is a manufacturer & retailer of herbal beauty products. It brings the best and rarest of the natural herbs from all over India, that bring better health & hygiene for women.

The Problem and an Idea:

Anherb already had a very good offline presence & reach in India, UAE, Russia, UK and the USA. They were getting orders through online marketplaces & wanted to have their own presence online via a website. Their initial attempt at the eCommerce website lacked a lot of features and functionalities essential for generating sales. They wanted a new website with all the standard eCommerce features & functionalities, but also wanted it to be launched within weeks. Further, they wanted to tie up with experts who could help with online marketing as well as drive website conversions. In a nutshell, they required a complete revamp of their current website and help with data-driven digital marketing activities.

The Solution and Implementation Challenges:

Given the requirement to launch the website within weeks and with all eCommerce functionalities we decided to develop the website using Shopify. This helped expedite the development process and launch the website within weeks. With necessary conversion focused efforts on the website, we started seeing sales on the website immediately. After the website launch, we carried a number of marketing activities to improve traffic on the website, conversion to registrants, customers & finally repeat sales.

Online Advertising

Anherb wanted to run online ads with a goal to increase its online sales. We strategized and started the test campaigns with a small experimental budget via. Display, Text, Shopping (PLA) & Remarketing ads from Adwords and Display & Sweepstakes ads on Facebook. After analyzing these campaigns, we found that while the conversion rates were good, the ROI was not great. Accordingly, we modified the marketing plan to distribute the marketing spend across the right channels that returned a positive ROI. We further recommended an improved SEO strategy and also suggested a Social Media strategy.

Marketing Automation

Anherb wanted to do automated and timely communication with their customers. We therefore integrated the Firecart marketing automation software with which helped sync their entire data to Firecart. We created different marketing campaigns within Firecart based on customer behavior and their journey to online purchase. With different focus points, we enabled Anherb to launch multiple marketing campaigns. To name a few – an Abandoned Cart campaign, a Lead Capture campaign for visitors, Product Replenishment reminders, drip email campaigns for users who registered but never purchased, etc. We also created a closed loop Anherb Referral Program within Firecart.

Email Marketing

Apart from setting up the marketing automation emails, we keep running weekly email campaigns. These campaigns help build brand resonance for Anherb as well as drive new & repeat sales. Focus again being data-driven – content, subject lines, offers, day/time of sending emails, segmentation & various other activities have been considered to continuously improve the email performance.

The Results:

It’s been more than a year since Anherb’s website went live and their team has found it quite easy to use the Shopify store. The sales has seen an uptick on a monthly basis with significant repeat sales. Following are some stats for the various marketing campaigns:

  • 1) Abandoned Cart: Generated open rates of 44% & click rates of 15%
  • 2) Exit Intent Popup: 10% of website visitors have engaged with Exit Popups
  • 3) Anherb Referral Program: ~14% new leads have been generated through the referral program
  • 4) Weekly Email Marketing Campaigns: The weekly email marketing campaigns has an average open rate of 15%
  • 5) Product Replenishment Reminder Emails: The replenishment reminder emails after 30 days of product purchase has an average open rate of 15% and an average click rate of 3%.